Designing for the user and advocating for accessible solutions.


Admin Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard experience tailored for school and district administrators. The primary objective of the dashboard was to provide administrators with valuable insights into student and teacher performance and usage. The intended goal was to empower them to make more informed decisions for their classrooms.

Product design  ✷  UI design  ✷  Data visualization design

The top left corner of the UI for Newsela's Admin Dashboard experience. The UI includes a top trending highlights section, including school and district successes.

Teacher Binder

An insight-driven experience for school teachers, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their students' progress and development over time. The aim was to assist teachers in refining their future lessons to effectively address their students' needs and facilitate their growth.

Product design  ✷  UI design  ✷  Data visualization design  ✷  Growth design

A laptop mockup that showcases a concept for the Teacher Binder dashboard experience.

Angelou Design System

An array of components within our product's design system, all with the intended goal of enhancing cohesion and user experience across Newsela's platform, improving the experience for students, teachers, and administrators alike.

Design system  ✷  UI design ✷  Interaction design


Top Secret Work

Several of my recent projects are currently in the production phase or subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). If you're a recruiter or hiring manager eager to know more about my contributions to these endeavors, please feel free to get in touch with me!

Product design  ✷  Gamification  ✷  AI UX design  ✷  and more...

A gritty purple and green visual that includes iconography for a robot and padlock.

Goodbye Volcano High

A playful micro-website featuring an array of digital toys, all designed to captivate and promote an upcoming narrative-driven game by KO_OP Mode for the Playstation 5.

UX design  ✷  UI design  ✷  Interaction design  ✷  Gamification


Music City Grand Prix

A web experience for the inaugural IndyCar Series race set in downtown Nashville. Moreover, initially spearheaded the articulation of the artistic direction, shaping the branding for the event.

UX design  ✷  UI design  ✷  Brand design  ✷  3D web design  ✷  Interaction design


Gish, Sherwood & Friends

A contemporary and dynamic studio website that showcases the projects, processes, and lively culture of GS&F, an all-encompassing marketing agency. Additionally, played a role in modernizing the agency's visual brand.

UX design  ✷  UI design  ✷  Information architecture  ✷  Interaction design  ✷  Brand design